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Established in 2014, our mission is to have a one stop solution for ones all household needs.

    We understand that in today’s busy world it’s very difficult to manage time for ourselves even, let alone time for fixing things at home. For every person there is always something that needs attention back home be it small issues like repairing home appliances or time consuming ones like getting the décor done.

    Keeping this in mind we came up with the idea of having Services to help you out with all your household needs. The founder OF Surat Home Service, Mr. Sunit Sukhadia once faced a similar problem when he moved to a new city. Not knowing how to get in touch with local workmen was a problem while shifting into a new house. Today he has made it easy for all the Surtis to have once stop solution for all their household issues and needs.

    Our vision is to get all the home services one would require, under one roof so that every problem can be addressed from one portal. We aspire to steadily move in this direction to provide all household solutions to every issueone may encounter at their home from the comfort of that very home itself.

Why choose us

      Being Surat’s first start-up of its kind, we understand working hard is the only way to Succeed in what we aspire to achieve- to become Surat’s No. 1 Helping expert. We take care of all our customer’s individual needs and requirements as per their specifications in order to guarantee satisfaction. “Customer is the king” is the Mantra for us all here at Surat Home Service. Our Services come with the promise of being reliable and technicians with the security & assurance of being background checked.

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